Grilled Lobster Recipe

Grilled Lobster Recipe


By: Executive Chef Mike McCarty from The Lobster Trap in Asheville, NC


Live lobster (1 to 1 1/4 lbs.)
Salt & Pepper



Step 1.
Start with a double broiler and wait until the water is boiling and a strong steam is going. Place live lobster in the double broiler and steam cook for five minutes. The purpose of this process is to partially cook the lobster and remove the meat from contact with the shell just enough so as to reserve the integrity of the meat and keep it from shrinking on the grill.

Step 2.
Turn off the heat, remove the lobster with sturdy tongs and place on a cutting board. With a dry towel hold the lobster in place and straighten out the tail. With a large chef’s knife (preferably 8″) point straight down with the tip of the knife at the base of the lobsters head. While still holding the lobster in place with your other hand and the edge of the knife facing the opposite direction of the hand holding the lobster, push through the shell with the knife going all the way down until contact with the cutting board is made, then bring the edge of the knife down cutting through the lobster all the way.

Step 3.
Now, rotate the lobster 180 degrees while making sure the claws are extended out, bring the blade of the knife back to the base of the head where the initial cut was made and cut through the remainder of the uncut head rendering the lobster completely cut in half. Gently wipe the meat of the lobster clean with a towel (you’ll find you may need more than one).

Step 4.
Remove the tomalley and reserve if desired or discard.

Step 5.
Remove the rubber bands from the claws of the lobster.

Step 6.
With your grill already fired up, hot and ready place both sides of the lobster shell side down first and grill for approximately four minutes.

Step 7.
Flip the sides of the lobster to meat side down on the grill. Cook for another three and a half minutes or until the meat is bright white and pronounced grill marks are present.

Step 8.
Remove from the grill, brush with melted butter, and season with salt and pepper. Optionally serve with charred lemon.


Step 9.
Cut lemon in half and place on the grill, rotating once until a dark char is achieved (approximately six minutes). The char gives the lemon a nice flavor of caramel, mellows out the acidity and looks great.

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