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Maine Lobster

Maine Lobsteer

Maine Lobster

Why make it Maine Lobster? Lobster is arguably the most delicious treat of the summer season and beyond. But there’s one way to take the taste to the next level, and that’s by making it Maine. Why? Because Maine Lobster is the sweetest, most flavorful lobster on Earth. It’s been an integral part of the coastal region for generations—not only is it sustainably harvested, but the fishery also sustains the coastal communities of Maine and the people who call them home.

And the warmer months bring a special, seasonal treat: New Shell Lobsters, a softer-shelled Maine catch harvested between June and November. Their taste recalls the crisp, cold, clean waters off the coast of Maine, with a texture that is tender and a flavor sweeter than any other lobster.

Harvesting those New Shells—and all Maine lobsters—is a sustainable undertaking. The Maine Lobster fishery is a model of resource sustainability and has been for generations, implementing the first critical practices 150 years ago. Maine lobstermen handle each lobster with care, all caught one trap at a time.

Each of those hand-caught lobsters adds up to an amazing story about this historic industry. Contributing more than $1 billion to the state’s economy annually, Maine Lobster is not just a culinary icon, but also an economic engine.

And it’s the best tasting economic engine out there. Maine New Shell Lobsters are marinated with pure Gulf of Maine seawater—and their culinary applications are as endless as your imagination.

So for the taste, the story, and the sustainability, make it Maine. Make it New Shell. Learn more about getting Maine Lobster delivered to your door by Crazy Lobster & Shellfish Co.