King Crab

King Crab

(serves 8)

Our Wild Alaskan King Crab Legs are big, juicy and simply delicious. We have hand selected the finest king crab legs and claws available. All have been sustainably harvested in the Bering Sea. The wild Alaskan king crab legs are fully cooked, flash frozen and ready to enjoy for the perfect holiday dinner. Buy King Crab online with Crazy Lobster & Shellfish Co. and receive the finest of all crab. Wild Alaskan king crab is sweet, tender and absolutely delicious.

If you order king crab legs online today, you are able to schedule a home delivery in advance on the shopping cart page.

Are you new to cooking crab legs? Check out our instructions onhow to cook crab legs here. Buying King Crab with Crazy Lobster & Shellfish is easy and we can guide you through every step of way.


4 pounds King Crab

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