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Wild Maine Blueberry Pie

Wild Maine Blueberry Pie

Maine is known for its Wild Blueberry Fields maintained for generations by family farmers. Now you can enjoy a taste of the best Maine has to offer at home. When you buy a Maine Blueberry Pie with Crazy Lobster & Shellfish Co. you will receive a pie made with Wild Maine Blueberries. Serve it at your next gathering or holiday. You can even say you baked it. We won't mind.


1 count 9 inch Blueberry pie

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Do you love Maine Blueberry Pie but don't feel like baking?

Let us do the baking for you.

Buy the Freshest Wild Maine Blueberry Pie — Online.

Crazy Lobster & Shellfish Co. makes it easy for you to Buy Fresh Maine Blueberry Pie and  have it delivered to your door. Great for Holidays and gatherings. Our Wild Maine Blueberry Pies are so fresh, you can even say that you baked it yourself. We won't tell. Order your Maine Blueberry Pie online through our secure site.

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Wild Maine Blueberries

Why Wild Maine Blueberries?

Wild Blueberries are harvested commercially only in Maine and Canada. Many of today’s independent, family-owned growers have been in the Wild Blueberry business for generations. In fact, the oldest commercial processing company dates back to 1874. When you Buy Wild Maine Blueberry pies with us you will help support small family farmers. 

The small, hardy lowbush Wild Blueberry thrives in the thin glacial soils and harsh northern climate of Maine, Eastern Canada and Quebec – the very same environment where these tiny potent berries have grown naturally for 10,000 years. Unlike regular blueberries, these Wild Blueberries are not planted. They only grow wild, where Mother Nature put them.

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